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DB Design announces ATOM Handler rotation capability
FREMONT, Sep 1, 2017 - DB Design announces Device Rotation Option for ATOM Handler

New feature allows increased flexibility and reduced cost for test labs.

Fremont, California, September 1, 2017 (eReleases) – DB Design, Inc. today announced that the company’s automated semiconductor test handler, ATOM-ic, now has device rotation capability.  The new enhancement option means that virtually any orientation of the handler to the test system can be accommodated.  The ability to rotate devices to any angular position precludes the requirement to design test boards with pin 1 in any specific location.  Existing test boards can now be utilized more often, resulting in lower cost-of-test.  In addition, the rotation option can be added in the field on all handlers purchased after May, 2017.

The ATOM-ic test handler, originally introduced in 2012, has been deployed on test floors worldwide and has proven to be the equipment of choice for those seeking a low-cost, high-performance automation solution to replace hand testing in development, characterization, and thermal testing operations.

“This important addition to the already impressive list of ATOM-ic features is especially important for customers using ATE testers such as those from Teradyne and Advantest” said Mark Stenholm, president of DB Design.

About DB Design:

Since 1989, DB Design has been a world leader in providing automation solutions to the semiconductor, solar energy, medical, and automotive industries.  The company designs and manufactures products in Fremont, California and supports customers in North America, Asia, and Europe.

DB Design announces Synax Partnership
FREMONT, April 10, 2017 — DB Design, the leader in semiconductor and solar test automation technology,  announced today that the company will enter into an OEM partnership with SYNAX, a global leader of IC test handlers.
The new partnership, which brings together the world-class handler technology of SYNAX and the class leading capabilities of DB Design is expected to bring enhanced support and capability to both companies.
DB Design announces Board Storage/Transit Case Line
Recently, a customer came to DB with a requirement to design a series of dedicated transit cases to protect test boards when they are shipped offshore.  The customer related a situation that had occurred resulting from a load board that was damaged when it was shipped to an offshore test facility.  The board had sustained an impact during transit and several components were physically damaged and nearly torn off the surface of the board.  DB developed a custom transit case family for this customer and, as a result, nearly eliminated the possibility of damage to his test boards. 
DB Design announces Atom Handler
SAN FRANCISCO, July 10, 2012 — DB Design, a leader in semiconductor and solar test automation technology,  today announced the availability of the ATOM IC Test Handler, a next-generation robotic handling platform designed as a cost effective alternative to hand testing in development environments.
The new handler, which can be purchased directly from the company or through authorized representatives, will allow automated test to be performed at a fraction of the cost of production SLT handlers