DB Design offers the Vac-Lock IQ™ system for test floor equipment docking.  Hard docking is often required between the test head and device handler or wafer prober. Vac-Lock IQ™ features a universal footprint, precision positioning and positive locking to permit complete inter-connectivity between the test floor equipment.
Drawing upon years of successful docking experience on numerous test floors, the Vac-Lock IQ has an X-Y footprint that is smaller than most test heads and available Z adjustability to accommodate the majority of tester configurations.
Using Vac-Lock IQ™, operators can now quickly dock and un-dock any tester on the floor with any handler or prober, eliminating the cables and cams of older solutions that "wedge" the equipment together.  Setup time is significantly reduced and physical strain on the operator is virtually eliminated, improving test floor productivity and reducing the cost of test.


We also offer custom docking designs.
Vac-Lock IQ™ has been successfully installed on numerous test systems, including those from Teradyne, Agilent, Credence, LTX, Seiko Epson, Delta Design, Advantest, Multitest, Synax, JLSI Tesam (Hyac), Aseco, Aetrium, TMT, EG, TSK, Accretech, and TEL.